Culture Rich

Our area of operation offers such a culture rich environment that plenty of tour options are available for you to learn about and interact with different groups of people who will be happy to share their origins, customs and daily life. The highlands in Guatemala is where the descendants of the Maya civilization settled after abandoning their stone cities to the North. Here they divided into over 20 ethnic groups, most of which have a distinctive tongue and textile pattern for their clothing, so as you might imagine this is quite the cultural experience. Moving further East in the Caribbean Coasts, the Garifuna people descendants of African slaves and the Arawak Indians settled in what is now Livingston in Guatemala and Punta Gorda in Roatan. Visiting them is as much enriching as fun, since you get to interact and participate in their dances and music! So as you can see, our area offers plenty of cultural experiences that will enrich your life!

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