Underwater Roatan

Roatan boasts the prettiest and healthiest section of the Mesoamerican Reef System which extends from the Yucatan Peninsula to Nicaragua. The reason is not one of impression but science. It is the only section of the reef positioned West to East, unlike the rest being North to South, and located right at the edge of the Cayman Trench, one of the deepest and biologically diverse ocean areas in the world. These nutrient rich waters, combined by the topography of the Bay Islands in Honduras which are merely the tip of an underwater mountain range create a magnificent underwater paradise that can be enjoyed at the surface when snorkeling, up to 100 feet when scuba diving and all the way down to 2,000 feet on Karl Stanley's submarine (Roatan Institute of Deepsea Exploration - RIDE). To learn more about them please visit Stanley Submarines.

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