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Coffee Plantations

Discover how your morning coffee actually gets to your cup! For millions of people the daily ritual of morning coffee is nothing but part of routine, and only a few wonder where it came from, who cultivated the plants or if they have sustainable employment and environmental practices just to name a few. With Blue…
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Underwater Roatan

Roatan boasts the prettiest and healthiest section of the Mesoamerican Reef System which extends from the Yucatan Peninsula to Nicaragua. The reason is not one of impression but science. It is the only section of the reef positioned West to East, unlike the rest being North to South, and located right at the edge of…
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La Antigua Guatemala

La Antigua as referred to by locals and visitors is a colonial jewel and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city was capital of the Spanish Kingdom in the New World which extended from today's Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, South to Costa Rica. The city is a favorite among Chapines (as Guatemalan people are commonly…
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37 Volcanos

Guatemala is most definitely the land of Volcanos (besides the land of the Maya, Color, Culture, etc!). The small territory of a little over 100,000 square kilometers, similar to the US State of Tennessee or the country of Denmark... but with 37 volcanos of which 3 are active today - Fuego, Pacaya and Santiaguito. However…
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The Maya Empire

Much can be said, and has been said about the Maya Civilization and plenty of sites such as Chichen Itza, Tikal, Quirigua and Copan are visited by millions each year. Much of what we know about them is being re-written today with the new discoveries at Mirador Basin. Having worked for over 20 years at…
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Culture Rich

Our area of operation offers such a culture rich environment that plenty of tour options are available for you to learn about and interact with different groups of people who will be happy to share their origins, customs and daily life. The highlands in Guatemala is where the descendants of the Maya civilization settled after…
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Black & White Sand Beaches

As confusing as the title may seem, it is correct! Our region in the world offers majestic volcanic black sand beaches in the Pacific coast in Guatemala; and powdery white sand beaches in the magnificent Caribbean island of Roatan; plus everything in between! Several other beach locations such as those in Lake Atitlan, the Amatique…
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